April 2016

Light & Building 2016, Frankfurt

The installation "Reflection Breackups" by George Tellos (Artic Design) achieves an energy-efficient, artistically demanding and environmentally friendly result through the use of modern lighting technology combined with the stylistic device of reflection. The building is highlited within its site, emphasizing its architectural past.
A refraction of light generated by the use of special micro reflectors, which resembles the natural light that is "filtered" through the leafy crown of the trees and is reflected on the outer surface of the building as optographic light.

November 2015

Cosmote New Logo

July 2015

Wargaming HQ

We are happy to announce that in a few days we will release our latest project.
The basic approach of the architectural lighting design was made in such a way so as to highlight both the dynamic identity of WARGAMING as well as the high aesthetics of the building itself. Our design took into serious consideration the modern energy efficiency norms as well as high aesthetics. The difficulty degree was considerably increased which was a major challenge for us.
Regarding the interior lighting design we discussed and tested several months before, both in virtual environment and in real mockups, the alternatives of the offices’ lighting taking into consideration the needs of the company as well as the owners’.
High aesthetics as well as top quality were the criteria for our choices. In fact and as far as the interior lighting design is concerned, a worldwide novelty has been applied which we especially designed for WARGAMING. There will soon be an extensive reference throughout the specialized media. Since our background comes from the theater we can’t wait for the “premiere” of the HQ building of WARGAMING.

May 2015

Meem Plaza

We have currently finished with the MEEM PLASA mall. The building is located on the main boulevard of Riyadh. The designing took 8 weeks to accomplish while the implementation of the project lasted for about 13 months. For us it was a prerequisite that all materials would be accompanied with a guarantee and their manufacture would be of premium quality.